Progressive or Conservative: One In The Same

Republican commentator Shelly Wynter and Progressive WOAK/CBS radio talk show host Dr. Rashad Richey may not have agreed much during Monday’s night segment; however, both men agreed to be one of the same. Sparks flew off early as Richey and Wynter found themselves in disagreement over the special election for the 6th Congressional District of Georgia for the House of Representatives.

Wynter does not endorse political candidates due to his conservative views and comments potentially hurting them in the polls; however, he would not mind seeing Jon Ossoff win. Ossoff, who is presently leading in the polls and raised over 3.3 million dollars nationwide, have been the target of Trump’s latest tweet to keep Republicans as the majority in the house. Trump tweeted this about Ossoff and the special elections:

“Democrat Jon Ossoff would be a disaster in Congress. Very weak on crime and illegal immigration, bad for jobs, and wants higher taxes. Say NO”


“Republicans must get out and VOTE in Georgia 6. Force runoff and easy win! Dem Ossoff will raise your taxes very bad on crime & 2nd A.”

Richey disagreed, claiming Trump had made himself a part of the election when he tweeted about Ossoff. Knowing Ossoff personally, Richey believes he will not win the election. The elections will go into a runoff. If this happens, Republicans will rally against him. Ossoff’s only chance is to win outright tonight.

Sparks may have been ignited; however, nothing could compare to the fireworks that were sure to follow when the moderator asked Wynters about his evaluation of the president first 100 days in office. Many Trump supporters gave the current President a solid B when asked how he would grade his performance. Despite the constant slander, President Trump came out victorious in the Presidential election. For one, President Trump’s announced he is running for office late. Secondly, Republicans, Democrats, and the media have rallied against the new President since his campaign.

Wynters believes the biased coverage of the President was based on alternative facts, which Richey accused the Trump campaign team of creating the phrase. “One and three black men are linked to the criminal justice system. An alternative fact to that is two out of three are not,” Wynters said.

Richey was not impressed with the president’s first 100 days in office and awarded President Trump an F minus. For him, the current President runs off tweets and tweets alone as a part of his campaign strategy, disagreeing with Wynters when he stated President Trump did everything he said he was going to do. As if that was not enough to earn the President a failing grade, Richey also has an issue with the President’s hypocrisy of Syria. He did not want Obama to get involved in the Syria crisis, from a tweet he posted back in 2013. Here he is bombing Syria, Richey said.

They concluded President Trump does not care about Syria’s children. They have been dying for years, the manner in how they died is what upset President Trump. Richey found it astonishing how President Trump decided to bomb Syria for the children’s sake yet deny Syrian refugees into this country.

Wynter did not oppose Richey’s argument altogether. Instead, he explained the statement President Trump was making to the world. Launching 59 missiles to an abandoned warehouse in an open field was a political statement.

“President Trump wanted other countries to know there was a new sheriff in town,” Wynter stated in conclusion to the Syrian matter.

Eaton redirected the focus to Atlanta’s city mayor’s race as the two blatantly disagreed with Trump’s funding of HBCUs. Elections for the city’s next mayor took place yesterday, which Wynter believed Atlanta had seen the last of a Black mayor running the city.

“You have a base of support at Bankhead and Carver Heights. All these projects, you had your base. Under Shirley Franklin, you moved in Renee Glover, Atlanta housing authority. You dropped these projects. You have dispersed the Black people throughout the Diaspora of the metro Atlanta area. And now, you move in a condo of $500,000 owners and wonder where ss my black support. You threw them out,” said Wynter.

After predicting Kaseem Reed’s win at four percent in the polls, Wynters believes the election will result to Councilwoman Mary Norwood and Senator Vincent Ford. The only two candidates who do not share the same base of support as the other candidates. Richey agreed on Wynter’s final two candidates but challenged Reed’s miraculous win in the polls.

Kaseem Reed won because of the Georgia Democratic Party, who usually do not involve themselves in city council races. A mass email accused Norwood of actually being a Republican and giving money to the political party. Richey stated. “This could have possibly influenced the 740 votes Norwood lost by in the last elections.”

Wynters, amused by the irony of the situation, joked how they called the lady a Republican than elected a Republican.
Of the two final candidate predictions, Norwood is active in the community. Ford is the only candidate to mention decriminalizing marijuana and making college free for the first two years for Atlanta public school graduates attending college.

When it comes to the President of Atlanta City Hall, Ceasar Mitchell, both guys agreed the city hall scandal tainted his campaign for office despite the significant amount of money he raised. Richey invited Mitchell on his show to differentiate between the scandal at city hall and his campaign disclosure. Agreeing with Wynters, money does not solve critical issues: gentrification, public education, and other top issues.

Wynters said everyday voters view Mitchell in the same light as Reed. He stated the issues with candidates for city council, mayor, or have been there will have residents question their ability to fix these critical issues if they have already been in office for years and have yet to correct the problem. Wynter believes new blood could change the narrative.

People can cheer about Atlanta being the Black Mecca, but the reality is no Black money running the city by large.
The Black community needs to recognize the importance of what is happening. Blacks are now in a position to create what they have talked about what they have always needed, Wynter stated. An all-Black power city is now coming up. By diluting it in any way, the city will become integrated.

For Richey, it was not integration that hurt the black community as much as assimilation where Black people felt the need to like White people. Now, they have the opportunity where Blacks, by way of the constitution, have access to mobility. In a city with ninety percent Blacks, they have the choice to bank with Black banks. Missing this opportunity, Richey said, would personally drive him to put his foot up all their rear ends.

Despite their political differences, both men have more in common than what they believed. Richey and Wynter are successful in their fields and share a strong passion for politics. The men are not afraid to speak their minds and have no problem correcting someone presenting incorrect facts. Moreover, they have the facts to prove it!