Newsmakers Live! endorses Stacey Abrams for Georgia’s Primary Election

Written by Ashley Nelson
Political Leader. Voting Rights Activist. New YorkTimes Best Selling Author.
For the first time in history, Newsmakers Live-Journal endorses a political candidate before the run-offs. Abrams, who lost against Governor Brian Kemp in 2018, seeks to become the first African-American female governor in American history.
“Four years ago, when I applied for this job as Governor, I had my application denied,” said Abrams, kicking off her campaign tour. “It’s okay; I’ve had four to work on things.”
In those four years, Abrams has proven to be a public servant and has also proved to America to be the best candidate for the position. She was the critical factor in turning Georgia blue and has helped to recruit first-time candidate Raphael Warnock. Abrams pushed to increase the turnout for people of color and young voters, the state’s largest growing population. Abram has also been vocal in condemning Republicans near and far to make it harder for Black people and other Democratic-leaning groups to vote. Abrams is pro-abortion rights, pro-LGBTQ rights, and pro-immigrants as well.
This election will be no easy win as the increasingly radical Republican Party has threatened security and the core values of democracy. As Abrams makes her second bid, Governor Kemp has adopted new conservative policies despite half of Georgia’s voter support, Democratic candidates.
“I was raised that you don’t give up when you don’t get what you want. You try again. You try because it’s how things get better; it’s how the world moves forward,” said Abrams. “I don’t quit because Georgians deserve leadership. And that’s what a leader does. That’s the job of the governor.
Abrams has shifted her focus from increasing voters turnout to expanding Medicaid this campaign season, a vital issue in the governor’s race. She states Medicaid expansion would take care of uncompensated care where people who can’t afford to go to the doctor get seen through emergency services — a cost the taxpayer takes care of. Leftover funds from more people with healthcare can result in the money being invested back into the school systems, roads, or an ambulance.
Before becoming a politician, Abrams interned at the White House in the Office of Management and Budget, worked on environmental racism at the EPA, and worked for the city of Atlanta as Deputy City Attorney. She was the first woman to lead either party in the Georgia General Assembly and the first African-American to lead the House of Representatives.
“I did the work, and now I want the job, “Abrams said Monday night.
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May 24, 2022: Primary
June 21, 2022: Primary runoff
November 8, 2022: General election
December 6, 2022: General runoff