Changes proposed to enforcement of marijuana laws

Changes could come to the way Atlanta police enforce marijuana laws.

Atlanta City Council’s Public Safety and Legal Administration Committee are holding a work session Tuesday, discussing legislation to repeal certain “outdated” and what some consider “minor” offenses in Atlanta’s municipal code.

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Hosts of different laws on the books that monitor behavior, including marijuana, are called “quality of life” ordinances, and at the session, council members are taking a look at those types of infractions.

A number of citizens are attending the session, asking that all quality of life offenses be decriminalized following the deadly officer-involved shooting last month in front of the Public Safety Annex. Police said as two officers parked and got out of their vehicle, they smelled marijuana coming from another parked car, so they approached the vehicle and found Deaundre Phillip inside.

Council members are also discussing reclassifying other offenses to citation only, such as possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

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Atlanta police said the officers began a conversation with Phillips, who exited the vehicle. Then, according to police, Phillips “lunged” back into the car and tried to flee. Investigators said one of the officers was partially in the passenger side of the car as the vehicle tried to flee. That’s when the investigator opened fire, striking and killing Phillips.

The officer involved shooting becomes a rallying cry for critics who complain about Marijuana laws.@FOX5Atlanta

— Morse Diggs (@MoDiggsFOX5) February 21, 2017

The city’s new police chief, Erika Shields, said she wants her officers to focus on rounding up the really bad guys.

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