Newsmakers Live Naeema Gilyard South Fulton

Meet Naeema Gilyard, District 4 City Council Candidate, South Fulton

Dear Neighbors,


I joined the People’s Campaign to help organize unincorporated South Fulton and provide facts to citizens so they could make an informed decision to vote for cityhood.   As Co-Chair of the HOA Coalition, we contacted more than 300 subdivisions.  There were informational town hall and other meetings.  It was a grassroots effort.  Our goal  was to chart our destiny  as a city.   We watched, prayed and had fun on November the 8th when the majority cityhood vote was final.


Those of us running for seats in the new city have a huge responsibility to those who voted yes, no and who did not vote.    Our responsibility is to understand what it will take to transition from one entity (the County) to another entity (a new City).  Having negotiating and business skills including financial/accounting and experience will be helpful.  I have those skills and experience.  We cannot function properly without money to fund our services.   Understanding the services we have and those we need is vital.  As candidates, we must be transparent and honest with our citizens and engage them in the journey to get our city established and operating effectively.

My vision is to set a standard of working together respecting our community’s diverse voices. Our city should be RESPONSIVE to citizens, their concerns and their ideas.  I will create PARTNERSHIPS with our neighboring cities, county, businesses and other stakeholders that share our vision for a world class city and region.


  • I will serve with integrity. 
  • I will be accessible and accountable.
  • I will leverage my accounting/finance and managerial expertise to ensure City leaders evaluate the fiscal impact of their decisions.
  • I will work with City leaders to provide high quality services to citizens and businesses.
  • I will work to improve public safety and support safety enhancements.
  • I will support land use and zoning that considers the impact on existing and prospective residents and businesses.
  • I will support economic development that is strategic and adds value to our quality of life.
  • I will work for fire services to have what they need for best practices.


My focus is on generating economic development for services we need and want, developing a comprehensive  crime program and partnering with businesses to improve our schools. 



  • I am committed to making South Fulton the best it can be.
  • You deserve a city and a district that responds to what is reasonable and achievable. 
  • You can count on me to protect what we have and create what we need

With my combination of community engagement, accounting/finance and business experience and education, I will transition the county to our city strategically and beyond to ensure that we have the resources we need to support our community’s vision.

Thank you for your vote.  Visit my website, for more information.

Naeema Gilyard

District 4 Council Candidate

New City of South Fulton