Public corruption was not the issue for DeKalb’s County recent media attention; however, it is one most are describing as embarrassing. DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann was charged with indecency and obstruction recently. Mann calls the event a misunderstanding. Newsmakers Live Moderator, Maynard Eaton got down to business when discussing the Mann’s incident with Former District Attorney of DeKalb County and partner in the law firm of Morris Shim and James. Robert James, assuming the incident is real, believed someone should not be scarred the rest of his or her life over a mistake. Anyone who allegedly sought sexual contact in public should have aRead More →

Newsmakers Gentrification Hattie Dorsey Willian McFarland from Newsmakers Live by NML on Vimeo. In continuation of the mayor’s race, Maynard Eaton sits down with Hattie Dorsey and William McFarland to discuss two major community-related issues. Gentrification and affordable housing are reoccurring issues candidates are faced with, in which the candidates are in support of affordable housing. Dorsey, the former founder, and developer of Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, wants to know, what are their plans to solve it.     Hattie Dorsey remembers Old Fourth Ward as a low-income community predominately occupied by Blacks. Now, the historical community where Martin Luther King Jr. was raised in hasRead More →

  Conservative Republican Commentator Shelly Wynter and Progressive WOAK and CBS radio talk show host Dr. Rashad Richey may not have agreed to most subjects mentioned in Monday night’s episode of Newsmakers Lives; but, both guys are one in the same. Host, Maynard Eaton, moderated the political clash among Wynter and Richey. Sparks began flying early as Richey and Wynter found themselves in disagreement over the special election for 6th Congressional District of Georgia for the house of representative. Despite the fact Wynter has said before he does not endorse candidates due to his conservatives view the possibility of hurting them in the polls, heRead More →