You Should Be Reading N.K. Jemisin


This is neither here nor there, but the New Yorker has a nice profile this week of N.K. Jemisin, who became my new favorite author a couple of years ago. Judging from the reception of her Broken Earth trilogy—which won three consecutive Hugo awards—she is everybody else’s favorite new author too. Broken Earth was great; you should read it. The Inheritance Trilogy was also great; you should read it too. I’m reading the Dreamblood Duology right now, so I can’t say for sure yet that it’s also great. But the odds are in its favor.
Sadly, Jemisin’s next book is, yet again, a trilogy. Since I don’t read trilogies until they’re finished, this means there’s no new Jemisin for me until 2022 or so. I shall have to make do with lesser authors in the meantime.