Massive Street Parties Underway as Relief and Joy Wash Over Cities and Towns

For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis, the election, and more, subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily newsletter.Eruptions of joy continued into the afternoon as sprawling street parties picked up from Brooklyn’s Fort Greene to Oakland’s Lakeshore, filmed by @ghostlychloe and shared by my colleague Jayo Miko Macasaquit, and another in Fairfax, California, posted by @sherlavars and shared by my colleague Steve Katz.
From Oakland:

In Fairfax:

Fairfax CA Biden celebration
— Sherry LaVars (@sherlavars) November 7, 2020

Steve, with Rachelle Averbach, describes “a beautiful fall morning” and “no surprise that downtown Fairfax was filled with mountain and road bikers” (Fairfax is the birthplace of mountain biking) plus “coffee-slugging brunch mavens…About 50 of us locals headed downtown to catch Biden’s and Harris’ victory party. It was an unexpectedly emotional moment for so many people—a release, a relief, even though we know how hard the time ahead will be.”
In Brooklyn, my colleague Molly Schwartz synthesized the clanging pans, honking horns, and shouts of catharsis as “ambient jubilance [that] erupted into a full-fledged open-air dance party”:

best day of this kids life
— Molly Schwartz (@mollyfication) November 7, 2020

Outdoors and indoors, it all continues; if you have Recharges and videos of your own, share them at

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