Viernes Blogging de Gato – 9 agosto 2019

You guys are lucky this feature isn’t called Friday Dog Blogging. It would probably exceed MoJo’s server allocation. I swear, I have never seen as many dogs as I have this past week in Colombia.
Cats, on the other hand, are hard to come by. This sweet little critter owns a fruit shop in Ubaté, though of course he’s coopted a human to actually run the place.
This was a sociable cat, but was sort of overrun by its next door neighbor, below. The cat was obviously accustomed to ridiculous dog behavior, but even so this guy was bouncing around so much that it put the cat a little ill at ease. Even in a still photograph, you can practically see its tail wagging.
That was on Wednesday, and given my luck so far I thought it was likely to be the only cat I’d see. But on Thursday I came across three cats. The first was in Usme:
This cat was very sociable and allowed me to pet her, but completely ignored everything I did. You see, there was a pigeon that commanded 100 percent of its attention. That was much more interesting than yet another human admirer.
I was on my way to Parque Nacional Natural Sumapaz when I took this picture. More about that later. On the way back, near the village of Madrid, I stopped in the middle of road and took this adorable picture out the car window:
Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? A puppy and her mother, along with a cat to order them around. Such domestic bliss.
The third cat was in a different part of Usme on my way home. It was slowly working up the nerve to come see me, and I was encouraging this instead of taking a picture while the taking was good. That was a mistake. A moment later a dog bounded up and two donkeys came clacking up the street. That was too much, and the cat rushed back into the sacturary of its shop. So no picture.
Despite this Thusday bounty, the apparent ratio of dogs to cats in Colombia is still about a thousand to one.