Trump’s press secretary thinks his Twitter use will be ‘really exciting’

The incoming White House press secretary said Monday that President-elect Donald Trump’s Twitter use will be a “really exciting part of the job.”

During an interview with Rhode Island’s WPRI, Sean Spicer said Trump plans to keep using Twitter as a “direct pipeline” to Americans.

“I think that his use of social media in particular … is gonna be something that’s never been seen before,” Spicer states. “He has this direct pipeline to the American people, where he can talk back and forth.

“He can put his thoughts out and hear what they’re thinking in a way that no one’s ever been able to do before,” Spicer went on.

“I mean, he does communicate in a much bigger way than there’s ever been before, and I think that’s gonna be just a really exciting part of the job.”

Trump was vocal on Twitter during the campaign, and many thought he would ease off once he won the presidency. That has not been shown to be the case.

Thus far, he’s used Twitter to air his grievances with his opponents and the media alike.

Just yesterday, the president-elect tweeted that there was “No way!” President Barack Obama could have beaten him in the election if he had been allowed to run a third term. Trump also tweeted that Christmas spending increased this year because he won the presidency.

Prior to that, he described the U.N. as nothing but “a club for people to get together.”


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