Trump Wants More Pizza for Lunch

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Trump administration proposes changing school menus to allow more potatoes and pizza and fewer vegetables and fruits
Critics say the changes, which roll back a Michelle Obama initiative, would make eating at school less healthy and serve industry interests, while backers say they give schools more flexibility about what to serve.

Just in case you’re curious, this is yet another culture war issue, just like the toilets and the dishwashers and the light bulbs. Lots of working-class folks consider this stuff a bunch of elitist liberal rulemaking that continually makes their lives harder. Remove phosphates from dishwasher soap and your dishes don’t get as clean. Ban incandescent bulbs and you’re stuck with expensive bulbs that don’t look right. Get rid of straws and plastic bags and you make both shopping and eating a pain in the butt. Get rid of pizza at lunch and you’re basically telling parents that they aren’t feeding their kids right.
Oh, and the school lunch thing is a Michelle Obama initiative, so ditching it is an especially petty way of getting back at Barack Obama via his wife. It’s pure Trump and his fans love it.
UPDATE: A reader reminds me that Trump did this on Michelle Obama’s birthday. What a sad excuse for a human being he is.