Today Is My 5-Year Anniversary

Remember this?Kevin Drum

Five years ago I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and my oncologist told me the average lifespan following diagnosis was . . . about five years. But here I am, feeling fine¹ and testing out brand new chemo meds that didn’t even exist in 2014.
So what do I want for my anniversary? How about a donation to our fundraising campaign dedicated to corruption in politics—a timely topic if ever there was one? All contributions will be doubled, so this is a great bargain.
Still not enough? Tomorrow is my birthday. I’d like a cake and a contribution to our fundraising drive. How about it?
Still not convinced? Today’s catblogging offered you three separate pictures of two different cats. That must be worth a contribution all by itself.
Or maybe I can guilt you into it? After all, there’s no telling how many years I have left to pester you about fundraising drives. You’d feel bad if you ignored this one and it turned out to be my last, wouldn’t you?²
To contribute via PayPal or credit card, just click here.
¹Except for the Evil Dex, of course, but waddayougonnado? Things could be a whole lot worse.
²Journalistic integrity forces me to acknowledge that this is unlikely. I should have many more years ahead of me. But I could always get hit by a bus.