Thousands demonstrate against Trump immigration ban at Atlanta Airport

About 7,000 demonstrators rallied at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Sunday. Protesters voiced opposition to President Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban.

An airport spokesman told FOX 5 News, Sunday’s rally was the largest demonstration ever held at the Atlanta airport. At one point, demonstrators entered the airport terminal.

When the group was told they would be arrested if they did not leave at once, they did without incident.

There were no arrests and no injuries reported, but airport officials are reviewing how to handle similar events going forward, to insure people can exercise their right to protest without impacting airport operations.

In a written statement Hartsfield’s Policy and Communications Director Reese McCranie said the demonstration was quote:

“…peaceful and overall had a very minor impact to our operations. As always, our primary objective is to ensure the safety and security of everyone at the Airport including passengers, employees and protesters, while also maintaining operational efficiency.”

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