Hunter Leaves Fellow Gwinnett Commissioners Hanging

Protesters addresses other Gwinnett County commissioners after Commissioner Tommy Hunter left the Board of Commission meeting, again.

If you’re unfamiliar with who Commission Tommy Hunter is, Facebook will tell you everything you need to know about him. Hunter posted a status on Facebook calling civil rights leader and U.S. Representative of Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District, John Lewis, a “racist pig.”

The status posted in response to a statement Lewis made of President Donald Trump not being a legitimate president.

For more than a month and a half, protesters have been attending Board of Commission Meetings to demand Hunter’s resignation. Hunter refuses to cooperate and chose the options of avoiding them, or trying to at least. He snuck out just before the Open Comment period.

Speaker, Teddy Murphy, asked several questions about zoning in Hunter’s district. He spoke out against the senior housing development project. The community feels the new development will lower their home value, increase traffic on Webb Gin and the overcrowding of schools. A Facebook page, “Save This House – Webb Gin House”, was created to protest the development.

Commissioner John Heard warned Murphy he was treading in deep waters and how Murphy was opening himself and the county up to a possible lawsuit with either decision.

Accused of mocking the system, Murphy threw shots at Hunter, calling him a complete and total racist. He believes Hunter is not doing his job by refusing to listen to the public. Leaving before the Open Comment period, Hunter leaves his colleagues in the line of fire as the tension between the public and Commissioner Hunter continues to brew. Protesters demand other commissioners’ involvement in the matter.

Hunter has been facing an ethics complaint. Atlanta resident, Nancie Turner, had two attorneys represent her as she filed an ethics complaint against the commissioner. The complaint stated he violated sections of the county’s ethics code requiring officials not to engage in behavior that will break the public’s trust. Apparently, you you do not get brownie points for cyber bullying your state representative. No a smart decision on his end.

As unbothered as Hunter may feel, the public has spoken. They do not want Hunter representing them and seems to be persistent in their endeavors. Hunter is incapable of representing their district. Protesters demands for him to resign.

Hunter was first elected to serve Gwinnett’s District 3 in 2012.The region includes southern and eastern parts of the country. He barely won re-election in November.