Tammy Duckworth: Trump Is a “Coward-in-Chief”

Democratic National Convention V/CNP

For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis and more, subscribe to Mother Jones’ newsletters.In remarks on the last night of the Democratic National Convention, Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) called it like she sees it: President Donald Trump is a “coward-in-chief.” 
The Iraq War veteran, speaking with the US Capitol in the background, condemned Trump’s failures to get to the bottom of the killings of American troops and the intelligence that suggests “Vladamir Putin placed a bounty on their life.” Duckworth has demanded  more details from the Defense Department about its investigation into an intelligence assessment that Russia offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill American troops in Afghanistan. “As president, Joe Biden would never let tyrants manipulate him like a puppet,” Duckworth said.
Her fiery remarks also assailed Trump for his treatment of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters at home. “Joe Biden would never threaten to use our military against peaceful Americans,” she said. “Because unlike Trump, Joe Biden has common sense and common decency. Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to call himself commander in chief for another four minutes—let alone another four years.”

DAMN. @SenDuckworth just called Donald Trump a “coward-in-chief” who “won’t stand up to Vladimir Putin, read his daily intelligence briefings, or even publicly admonish adversaries for reportedly putting bounties on our troops’ heads.” #DemConvention pic.twitter.com/PZYe5YLTBd
— Mother Jones (@MotherJones) August 21, 2020