South Fulton County community fights against crime

A South Fulton County community is fighting back after residents said crime has escalated in the Sandtown Community.

Neighborhood Watch coordinator, Delphine Knaff organized an emergency crime meeting Thursday evening.

“It’s like we can’t live peacefully in our own neighborhood without someone targeting us,” said Delphine Knaff.

Donald Wooten, who had his car stolen from his driveway said he wants to see officials held accountable.

“Unacceptable, judges, lawyers, do your job,” said Donald Wooten. “Now there comes a time when you got to put foolishness to a side and use common sense if you know this person has done this I don’t care about what age he is and back and forth, get him.”

Knaff said the area has seen home break-ins, carjackings, a drive by shooting and even a woman who had a shotgun pointed at her while thieves took off with her belongs.

“You come into a community where you feel like you can kind of come home, relax and not have to worry about the next gunshot or someone trying to steal your property that you’ve earned,” said resident, Tamiku Thompson.

Residents hope to install cameras, get more lighting and get the community involved.

“Create like a group that can do street monitoring,” said Knaff. “Take a couple shifts where we know what is going on in the neighborhood and then we can alert each other,” said Knaff.

Neighbors said they just want to enjoy their neighborhood without fear.

“Be able to run, jog, use the tennis court, use the gazebo without feeling like you got to be chased out of things that we are paying for,” said Thompson.

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