Recovery efforts underway in storm-ravaged south Georgia

Recovery efforts continue across south Georgia, where a massive search is underway for a missing 2-year-old boy who hasn’t been seen since the tornado struck a mobile home park in Dougherty County.

Search crews are scouring the area in hopes of finding survivors amongst the rubble.

Meanwhile, authorities there are begging FEMA for help after a deadly tornado Sunday afternoon. County leaders said they have exhausted all their resources and need help.

This is the second twister to hit the county this month. The first was on January 2. They were still reeling from that, when Sunday’s tornado touched down.

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Damage across the county and especially in Albany is severe. Along Holly Road, homes are demolished and vehicles have been destroyed.

“There are some neighborhoods that have been removed from the face of the Earth,” said Dougherty County EMA Director Ron Rowe.

Stephanie Parker and her daughters were in their SUV when the tornado came right for them.

“It picked us up and we could feel it, then it dropped us, and everything exploded out the windows and we were screaming and praying,” said Stephanie.

Many lost everything they had. Some lost their lives. The County Coroner confirmed four people in Dougherty County were killed in the storm, including an 82-year-old man and a 39-year-old man. Three of the four killed lived in Paradise Village, officials said. Dozens of people were injured.

County leaders said help from the federal government has to come soon. They said security is an issue and the weather is an issue because a cold front is moving in. They add that it’s a huge task to feed and house so many people who have lost so much.

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