Obamacare Sabotage Is Working Great So Far

Emily Bazar reports on the current state of Obamacare in California:

If the comments on Covered California’s Facebook page are any indication, you’re all suffering from acute health insurance confusion:
“I wanted to sign up again this year … I’m hesitant now because of what Trump has done. Should I still consider?”
“Does the removal of subsidies mean we might lose our premium tax credits during the year?”
“So you’re telling me that [Trump’s] executive order didn’t do anything? I am so confused.”

This is all deliberate. Calculated and deliberate. Lots of people are confused, just the way Donald Trump intended, and they have only six weeks to figure out what’s going on. Many will just give up. Many will try to get help but won’t be able to because of cutbacks in the navigator program. Many will decide to take care of it at the end of the year and then discover to their horror that they’ve missed the signup deadline.
In other words, many people’s lives will be wrecked thanks to the vengeful manipulations of the halfwit in the White House. He may not know anything about anything, but he has an animal instinct for screwing people over. Welcome to 2017.