I Am Off to the Abyss

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I have an appointment this morning to renew my driver’s license. If you never hear from me again, at least you know what happened.
10:30 UPDATE: The DMV has no record of my appointment. Also, if I had wanted a Real ID so that I can fly on airplanes, I should have brought my passport, Social Security card, and a current bill. I have none of that. Anyway, without an appointment I have to go off to a little room and fill out an application on one of the computers.
10:45 UPDATE: All done!
10:46 UPDATE: I’m at the first window. Do I have my confirmation number? No. You should have written it down. There’s a pen at every station. What was I supposed to write it on, my hand? Oh, they’re supposed to give you a piece of paper. They didn’t. Can you look it up by my last name? No, sorry, here’s a piece of paper. Do it again.
10:53 UPDATE: My second attempt was successful and I have been assigned # G249. We are currently serving # G193.
11:15 UPDATE: We are up to # G219.
11:40 UPDATE: For some reason, the G series has stalled at #G248.
11:49 UPDATE: # G249 has finally been called!
11:54 UPDATE: No credit cards are allowed. Only cash and debit cards.
11:55 UPDATE: Off to the camera line.
12:04 UPDATE: Done. That’s 94 minutes from start to finish. Is that good or bad these days?