No One Cares About Donald Trump’s Financial Fraud

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Four days ago the New York Times published a huge and meticulously documented story about Donald Trump’s long record of tax evasion and financial fraud before he ran for president. James Fallows has a question:

Will this latest financial data make any difference in support for Donald Trump?
Who knows. Here is the tally of Republican senators who (to the best of my knowledge) have said anything about it:


This was, of course, the same day on which Donald Trump, at a rally in Mississippi, mocked Christine Blasey Ford, for her testimony against Brett Kavanaugh.

It’s worth noting that the tally of Republican senators will stay at zero unless reporters first ask them for comment, and who knows if any of them will bother with that? In any case, even if they do, the answer to Fallows’ question is easy: No. Most common response if asked about Trump’s dubious dealings: “The American people knew all about his business background and they elected him anyway. There’s nothing new here.”