Meet Rochelle Lindsey, District 4 City Council Candidate, South Fulton

My name is Rochelle Lindsey, and I am a proud resident of the South Fulton community. I’m running to represent all of the parents and grandparents who are raising children in South Fulton, like many other people in this District, I believe in the power of the community coming together for the benefit of our children and our youth.

I will be the leader who listens and helps to cultivate our District. Earning a bachelor’s degree from Clark Atlanta University and a Masters in Public Health from Kennesaw State University, my passions have led me across the country advocating for youth and progression in our education systems and community engagement. My extensive work with YMCA, AVID, Citizen Schools and YouthBuild USA has prepared me to listen and lead efforts of Community Collaboration and Community Development in District 4.

A part of this work would include creating easier access to higher education in the South Fulton community through college extension programs with the University System of Georgia, specifically focused on training residents for jobs, inside and outside of our city.

My work with organizations like HERO for Children whose mission is to improve the quality of life for children infected or impacted by AIDS/HIV and Morehouse College’s Jumpstart Program are only small segments of my dedication to improving our District for our children, our youth, and all families.

It’s important that we increase District amenities to include urgent care centers, gyms, restaurants, and family entertainment. It’s important that we improve our sidewalks and streetlights so that we can all feel safe and live in a District that we are proud of. It’s important to me that we work together as neighborhoods, subdivisions, and communities to foster a safe District of abundance. I’ve spent a lifetime working to better the lives of youth, young people, and families — most important to me is the community in which I live, I want to listen and work for residents of District 4.

When I make decisions I want each of them to be entrenched in the values of the people. My goals and hopes for District 4 are culminated into one of my favorite statements: “Service starts in the heart, develops in the mind and is performed in the community.”

I humbly ask for your support and your vote on March 21st. Thank you for the opportunity to serve District 4 and the city of South Fulton.