Meet Mandisha Thomas, District 4 City Council Candidate, South Fulton

Smart Growth Plan

We, as a city, will control our planning, zoning and ordinances – it is time to develop District 4.

District 4 is the geographical part of the city that has the most undeveloped land. I, as your councilwoman, intend to create a Smart Growth Plan that would outline development plans, with the partnership of council-members and citizen approval.

The Smart Growth Plan; which has been received, positively, includes working and partnering with the following organizations:

  • Fulton County Land Authority
  • Georgia Power
  • Department of Community Affairs
  • Atlanta Regional Commission
  • South Fulton Chamber of Commerce
  • Georgia Trade Commission
  • Georgia Department of Economic Development

International Economic Development

My goal is to bring in two to three international company headquarters to the City of South Fulton.


We have the density to do it and the power to control it.  Through our partnerships, companies could be asked to  sponsor the expansion of Chattahoochee Hills Charter School; currently with a waiting list of +1,000 students.


With these partnerships, we can request that 10-15% of employees be City of South Fulton Residents! Wow! Now we are getting into real economic development, job creation and creating additional tax revenue for the city.


Quality Healthcare and Safety

Comprised of long-term & short term care, preventive care clinics and a office park of clinical professionals including specialist. The ultimate long-term goal is to create a renowned hospital, bringing hundreds of jobs and helping to brand the City of South Fulton.


District 4 needs additional police manpower. I’m proposing six additional police officers now and a new precinct within five years. After review, this makes more sense to our city budget and current needs. I also support community policing. I will partner with concerned citizens, gaining commitments to help keep our city safe, while providing resources and investing in modern technology, ultimately diminishing criminal activity.