Mass Shootings Are an American Epidemic. We Are Relentlessly Investigating the Culprits.

Mark Helenowski/John Locher/Mother Jones/AP

When twin gun shootings rocked America earlier this month, killing 31 people in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, Mother Jones did what Mother Jones does: We marshaled resources and flew a reporter to El Paso, and we connected breaking news trends to our extensive history of investigating this epidemic, the rise of violent white supremacy, and the role of toxic masculinity.
While putting together our August 7 episode of the Mother Jones Podcast, our digital team dug into our video and audio archives to produce a segment outlining the breadth of coverage we’ve done on this topic, including:

Check out the video above, featuring the host of the Mother Jones Podcast, Jamilah King, compiling the work of our reporters since Sandy Hook. Read more about Mother Jones‘ gun coverage here, and listen to a special edition of the show, recorded in El Paso, below: