KKK no-show at Douglas County rally

Ku Klux Klan members were a no-show at a rally, they said, would be held outside of a Georgia courthouse on Sunday in protest of the recent sentencing of a metro Atlanta couple convicted of yelling racist slurs at an African-American family during a child’s birthday party.

Despite their absence, there were tense moments outside the courthouse when confederate supporters showed up. Their presence resulted in a 30 minute exchange with community members which ended with all parties involved going their separate ways peacefully.

Members of the Mississippi Ku Klux Klan said that they would gather outside of the Douglas County Courthouse Sunday afternoon.

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Awaiting the arrival of the KKK at the Douglas Co courthouse to protest sentencing for those guilty of terrorizing black family @fox5atlanta pic.twitter.com/PM1sNUjPlW

— matt stringer (@stringerFOX5) March 5, 2017

Stephen Howard, the “imperial wizard,” said about 200 members would participate in the protest, and would be fully armed and “robbed up.” He said they’re outraged by the sentencing of Kayla Norton, 25, and Jose Torres, 26, who were both sentenced Monday to 20- and 15-years in prison, respectively, with 13 and 6 to serve for convictions related to a July 2015 incident in which a large group of people drove up to a birthday party in Douglasville in trucks, flying American, military and Confederate flags. According to prosecutors, about 15 people, several pointing guns, were riding through town that day with a group called “Respect the Flag.”

Howard called their sentencing “shameful” and “not right.”

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office were on hand to make sure the protest was peaceful.

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