Is Your Landlord Using the Coronavirus Outbreak to Be Particularly Evil?

Wikimedia Commons

The coronavirus has ground society as we knew it to a halt. One in five Americans has been laid off or had their work hours reduced. Some states are ordering eviction moratoriums so people can count on a place to shelter during the outbreak. Federal mortgage regulators are ordering lenders to offer payment flexibility to homeowners and owners of apartment buildings.
Meanwhile, of course, more and more people are getting very, very sick. But for some landlords, the global economic and health catastrophe means business as usual.

my landlord is a major DC property development company
so it’s raising my rents by 12% while issuing a $500 million share repurchase program during this pandemic
and you wonder why I think we shouldn’t bail out the companies during this pandemic
— Leo Ji 🛌 (@theleoji) March 20, 2020

here is a landlord evicting a paramedic in the middle of a global pandemic literally because he works in the NHS
— Gordon Maloney (@gordonmaloney) March 21, 2020

My landlords just sent out a mass message to everyone…this is the part that truly sent me.These people simply cannot be serious.
— shar jossell (@SharSaysSo) March 20, 2020

What about you? Is your landlord being particularly, well, landlordly during this crisis? Send us your stories and screenshots to, subject line “landlord.” We’ll keep you anonymous and redact any identifying details.