Impending Execution Has Concentrated Republican Minds Wonderfully

James Borchuck/Tampa Bay Times via ZUMA

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The Wall Street Journal proves once and for all that Republican politicians are brain dead:
President Trump, unaccustomed to campaigning for others, has settled into a new rhythm with Republican candidates who have found the key to securing a vigorous endorsement from their party’s leader….At rallies in the past two weeks, Republican contenders appear to have figured out how to captivate the party’s leader less than 100 days before the midterm elections. The formula: Cram compliments for the president into a few minutes in the spotlight, and exit the stage with a valuable, superlative endorsement from a beaming president.
They just figured this out? How is this possible? Are they really so obtuse that until recently they didn’t understand the most basic personality characteristics of the guy they and their entire party voted for? Or have they always known but retained slightly too much self-respect to publicly abase themselves thoroughly enough for Trump’s liking—until, that is, the prospect of losing an election concentrated their minds sufficiently? Or both?