How About Something Better Than a Mask?

Hear me out here. Why not ditch the crummy masks we’re wearing and instead wear helmets? I’m thinking of something like a motorcycle helmet with a face shield, but made out of styrofoam so it’s cheap and lightweight, and laminated so it’s easy to disinfect when you get home. This would probably help protect you as well as protecting other people.
Why not? Are you afraid of looking stupid? I think that ship sailed a long time ago, so don’t worry about it. Hat hair? Meh. It’s only for a few years.
And if you buy the premium Kevin Drum model, it comes with a pair of nose scratchers built into each side. Don’t delay!
So here’s the idea: it would be something like a motorcycle helmet with a face shield . . . but made out of cheap, lightweight styrofoam like the old classic on the right. It might not be worth a damn as a cycling helmet, but I’ll bet it would be plenty effective against a virus.