Hey Orange County Residents: What Is This?

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Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of odd contrails in the sky, and today I got some pictures with my phone. Here’s what the path looks like at the start of their flight:
I’m pretty sure airplanes don’t take off at a 45 degree angle. So it’s a missile test of some kind, right? Here’s the middle of the path:
And here’s the end of the path as it flies out over the Pacific Ocean:
I’ve enhanced this photo so you can see another odd thing: the black trail ahead of the contrail. The missile, or whatever it is, is following the exact path of some earlier missile without the slightest deviation. I don’t doubt the precision of our armaments, but this seems almost creepily accurate.
Also: it’s coming from the south, so it’s not something out of Vandenberg. Do they test missiles from Camp Pendleton? Does anyone know what this is?