Here’s What Russian Trolls Are Promoting Today

My colleague Denise Clifton writes today about the ongoing Russian social media campaign in the US, and does a great job of summarizing what we know. She also links to a fascinating website I hadn’t heard of before: Hamilton 68, which purports to follow Russian influence on Twitter. Here’s one of their charts this morning:
The Russians really like Tucker Carlson! They’re also really into Tony Podesta, on the usual right-wing assumption that flinging mud at Tony will tarnish everyone else named Podesta too.
Will it work? The Republican/Russian disinformation campaign is so obviously kindergarten level that I have high hopes the media will basically ignore it. There’s nothing to be done about the quarter of American that gets their news exclusively from Donald Trump and Fox News, but the rest of the country will mostly follow the media’s lead about what’s important and what’s not. Here’s hoping they act responsibly this time around.