Fox News Is Losing Its Mind Over John Bolton

For hours upon hours on Monday, Donald Trump’s lawyers presented their case against removing the president from office over the Ukraine scandal. In doing so, they have danced around a major new revelation—that, in a draft of a forthcoming book, former national security adviser John Bolton reportedly wrote that Trump told him he wanted to withhold vital military aid from Ukraine until that country helped investigate Trump’s political rivals, including the Bidens.
But over at Fox, host Lou Dobbs was more blunt. He explained to his audience how Bolton—yes, that John Bolton—had become a “tool for the Left.”

Just insane stuff happening on Lou Dobbs tonight
— Jason Campbell (@JasonSCampbell) January 28, 2020

You can watch part of the surreal segment below:

Lou Dobbs: “John Bolton himself has been reduced to a tool for the radical Dims and the Deep State”
— Jason Campbell (@JasonSCampbell) January 28, 2020

As my colleague Dan Friedman pointed out, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow noted during his arguments before the Senate that “not a single witness testified that the president himself said that there was any connection between any investigations and security assistance.” That’s a central part of Trump’s defense, and it looks like it might collapse entirely if Bolton is subpoenaed to testify. No wonder Dobbs is upset.