Even Trump’s Own Scientists Say He Ignores Science

Donald Trump has decimated the EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board and filled it up with his own people, but even they say his deregulation proposals conflict with established science:

For example, regarding the EPA’s plan to reverse a rule that limits what sort of dredging or pesticide applications can take place near smaller streams and wetlands, the advisory board said the proposal “neglects established science” that shows how contamination of groundwater, wetlands and waterways can spread to drinking water supplies. A separate report says the economic models used to justify reducing the average mileage targets for cars and light trucks between now and 2026 were “implausible” based on assumptions about the kinds of vehicles consumers will drive in the future.
….The moves come as the agency has overhauled how it factors science into its decision-making. More than a year ago, the EPA disbanded an expert panel charged with updating assessments of the public health risks posed by soot. In December, EPA’s inspector general concluded it failed to analyze how a plan to loosen emissions standards for truck components would affect children’s health. And it is now drafting a rule to restrict which scientific studies it uses to develop public health policies.

Needless to say, the EPA’s chief flack blew the whole thing off:
In an email, EPA spokeswoman Corry Schiermeyer said the agency “always appreciates and respects the work and advice of the SAB” but emphasized the reviews “may potentially be revised” before they are finalized in January and sent to the administrator.
I do not think this is going to get better in 2020.