Donald Trump tweets a motive for ‘voter fraud’ claim

This morning, President Donald Trump finally offered a motive for his insistence, contrary to all evidence, that he lost the popular vote in November because of massive voter fraud:

“We will strengthen up voting procedures!” being the key phrase.




Alternative facts are popping up all over the place. A purported Trump administration wish list of infrastructure projects that included the Savannah port’s expansion project is fake, according to Politico.

McClatchy reported Tuesday afternoon that the document amounted to a dream list of 50 projects, totaling at least $137 billion, that would be prioritized should Congress approve funding for a $1 trillion infrastructure package on which Trump campaigned.

Included on the initial list was the $706 million project to deepen the Savannah port from 42 to 47 feet. Georgia is seeking $440 million from the feds over several years to help foot the bill.

But Politico Pro on Tuesday evening quoted a former member of the Trump administration’s landing team at the Department of Transportation, who questioned the list’s authenticity.

Some of the 50 projects included were not seeking federal funding. At least one project, the Gateway Program to overhaul rail traffic around New York City, did not have an accurate cost estimate listed.

The White House later confirmed to your Insiders that the document did not come from them.


The Marietta Daily Journal reports that an aide to U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson sat down with representatives of 70 protesters who crowded his local office on Tuesday.


A 25-year-old Atlanta author penned a $50 book riddled with inaccuracies about President Donald Trump that was pulled from the National Museum of American History’s gift shop after The Washington Post revealed a raft of problems with the text.

It was written by Brandon Christopher Hall, who told the Post he wasn’t surprised it landed a place in the Smithsonian Institution’s gift shop on inauguration weekend to appeal to the Republican’s supporters.

His book said Trump “took the fall for what should have been the fault of Hillary Clinton” when addressing the current president’s challenges to Barack Obama’s citizenship. The book denied the Russians had any role in hacking the Democratic National Committee’s computers. And it said Clinton won the popular vote by 200,000 ballots — not the nearly 3 million edge she had.


Our assessment following Tom Price’s second Senate confirmation hearing? Certainly choppy waters for the Roswell GOP congressman, but he’s seemingly well on his way to being confirmed.

His support among Republican senators appeared to hold following a tense and testy hearing before the Senate Finance Committee, which is what truly matters at this point. Read our summary here.


If you haven’t had the chance to see this Netherland response to President Donald Trump’s inauguration, now’s your chance:



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