A Tour of My Closet

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Blogging is all about personal voice, which means you guys need to know who I really am. Well, how about a tour of my brand new closet, installed earlier this week? It’s been months in preparation, and it has room not only for my vast wardrobe, but also for my vast collection of felines. Let’s take a look around:
That’s it! Were you expecting more? Come on: I’m not Oprah, you know. Actually, I’m a bit like Steve Jobs, but slightly more colorful. I have two or three pairs of pants to choose from plus a whole galaxy of colorful but otherwise identical polo shirts. They get replaced periodically, and right now I’m in the process of slowly replacing all the old shirts without pockets for new shirts with pockets. The pockets give me a place to put my glasses when I’m out taking pictures.
So now you know the truth: unlike a true blogger, I don’t blog in my pajamas. I blog in stretchy pants and stretchy polo shirts. Exciting, isn’t it?