Donald Trump blasts Ben Carson, compares his behavior to child molester

What just happened?

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are locked in at No. 1 and 2 in virtually every poll that’s out there for the GOP presidential nomination.

During a rally at Iowa Central Community College, Trump leveled his most heated attack yet against Carson, likening his “pathological temper” to a child molester and questioning his faith.

“How stupid are the people of Iowa?” Trump roared, berating people who would vote for Carson. “How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?”

Trump spoke to Carson’s description of his own “pathological temper” by saying “pathological is a very serious disease.”

“That’s a big problem because you don’t cure that,” Trump said. “That’s like, you know, I could say, they say you don’t cure — as an example, child molester. You don’t cure these people. You don’t cure the child molester.”

Trump also questioned Carson’s account of having once stabbed his friend with a knife, dramatically acting out the scene set in Carson’s autobiography.

“He lunged that knife into the stomach of his friend, but, lo and behold, it hit the belt!” he said. “Give me a break.”

Trump went on to suggest that he didn’t believe Carson’s account of his religious conversion.

“During those hours alone in the bathroom, something happened to me,” Carson wrote in his autobiography, describing the moments he hid in the bathroom after the stabbing incident. “God heard my deep cries of anguish. A feeling of lightness flowed over me, and I knew a change of heart had taken place. I felt different. I was different.”

Trump ridiculed the account, saying that Carson went into the bathroom, came out, “and now he’s religious.”

“And the people of Iowa believe him,” Trump said incredulously. “Give me a break. Give me a break. It doesn’t happen that way. Don’t be fools.”

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