Migrant Caravan Shrinks Significantly As It Heads North

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The Los Angeles Times reports on the migrant caravan walking north through Mexico:
The caravan, mostly composed of people from Honduras, many on foot, has thinned since about 7,000 people crossed into southern Mexico from Guatemala in recent days. Many people crossed illegally on rafts across the river that marks the border between the two nations. Unofficial estimates indicated that some 3,500 to 4,000 people were in the caravan when it reached Mapastepec, about 90 miles north of the Mexico-Guatemala border.
In chart form, it looks like this:
I guess the Soros money must be running out.
That’s a joke. The chart is sort of a joke too. Still, as President Trump tries his best to panic the nation over all these brown people headed for the US border, it’s worth wondering just how many will be left by the time they get here. It won’t be 4,000, I’ll bet.
Of course, Trump will say that’s because of his tough policies, and there could even be some truth to that. But I wonder just how much all these Hondurans really know about Donald Trump’s latest policy or what he said at his latest rally? Not much, I’d think, but in this era of ubiquitous cell phones I suppose it might be more than I think.