Dodgers’ High-Speed Gondola Stops Short of San Francisco By 347 Miles

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Dodger Stadium is one mile from Union Station in downtown LA. But that’s a mile as the crow flies. In real life, it’s a very long and very slow mile.
The solution, apparently, is to get there the same way crows do: fly. The Dodgers are proposing an aerial gondola that would start in Union Station, climb high over Chinatown and the Harbor Freeway, and then dock itself in the parking lot at the stadium. The cost is a mere $125 million and it would allegedly be funded entirely privately. The fare would be “less than” $20.
I am totally into this. But I have a suggestion: how about a competition? We could pit the gondola people against Elon Musk’s boring company. Which one could build a one-mile, point-to-point transit system for the least amount of money?