Coronavirus Growth in Western Countries: March 28 Update

For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis and more, subscribe to Mother Jones’ newsletters.Here’s the coronavirus growth rate through March 28. Sweden reported no deaths on Saturday, which is probably a mistake. Italy remains on the same track as always, though perhaps starting to show a slight deterioration that will extend their timetable by a day or two. The United States reported 445 deaths and remains precisely on the trendline I showed you yesterday. Canada continues to do really well.
How to read the charts: Let’s use France as an example. For them, Day 0 was March 5, when they surpassed one death per 10 million by recording their sixth death. They are currently at Day 23; total deaths are at 386x their initial level; and they have recorded a total of 34.6 deaths per million so far. As the chart shows, this is slightly below where Italy was on their Day 23.
The raw data from Johns Hopkins is here.