Community leaders meet to discuss dog issue in southwest Atlanta

Community leaders wasted no time addressing Tuesday’s dog attacks that killed a six-old-boy and injured a five-year-old girl.

City leaders and residents said loose and stray dogs are a major concern in their Southwest Atlanta neighborhood near Cerro and Jasper Streets, adding that nothing is done unless something horrific happens and that is a problem.

“Some of our seniors that used to walk and we used to see them walk, the reason why they stopped walking is because they are so many stray dogs,” said southwest Atlanta resident David Moore.

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Atlanta City Councilman Ivory Young expressed his condolences and concerns at Tuesday’s community meeting urging residents to call Fulton County Animal Control if they see any loose dogs.

“We have a problem with animal control, we absolutely do,” said Councilman Young. “Its accountability of the owner, its proper response of those in official capacity to manage our loose, stray and unleashed animal and so, but it’s a joint venture its not just Fulton County Animal Control, it’s the public, when we see something we have to say something.”

But residents tell FOX 5, they have called Fulton County Animal Control in the past and nothing is done.

“My neighbors and I we are just sick and tired of being sick and tired whenever we need something it always takes a drastic situation for us to get attention,” said Moore.

A spokesperson for Fulton County Animal Control said they respond to calls within 24 hours, and if the call is for a vicious animal it becomes a priority, adding that they have limited resources with only 15 officers.

One of the victim’s of Tuesday dog attacks, Syrai Sanders continues to recover at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. Her grandmother, Sabrina Williams made it a point to attend Tuesday’s meeting to express her concerns. Williams said it is not just about the loose dogs, but children in the neighborhood who live within one mile of their school, not being able to be picked up by the school bus and having to walk.

Councilman Young said legislation was introduced Tuesday evening to improve the enforcement and communication from the city and county. Councilman Young urged residents to call Fulton County Animal Control if they see any loose dogs. 404.613.0358.

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