Claims of excessive force against officer involved in fatal shooting

There is new information uncovered by FOX 5 News about the Atlanta police officer who fatally shot a man outside the city’s public safety annex last month.

Just days ago, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office released video of the officer shooting a man who they said tried to drive off with the officer in the car. FOX 5 News has since learned that same officer was also involved in a serious confrontation last year which left a bar patron battered and bruised.

WATCH: New information uncovered about Atlanta police officer

A photo obtained by FOX 5 News shows an Atlanta man, Anthony Walters, who appears to have got the worst of it when, according to Atlanta authorities, the man refused to leave a Midtown bar and then initiated a physical altercation when both a primary and backup cop tried to remove him.

“It’s really one simple word, compliance. The officer asked you to do something. If you comply, there is no issue. If you don’t and you either swing on the officer or, you know, as commonly known, bowed up like you’re going to fight, that officer is going to protect himself,” said Vince Champion, Atlanta Police Union.

The primary officer involved in the bar incident is the same one embroiled in a controversial fatal shooting at the support police building in northwest Atlanta. His name is Yasin Abdulahad, an 11-year veteran on the force. Deaundre “Dre Dre” Phillips was shot in the incident.

The union leader cautions Atlanta citizens not to jump to conclusions.

“One, we ask them to look separately. They’re separate incidents,” said Champion.

Atlanta police released a report on the bar fracas. Abdulahad said he made repeated requests for Walters to leave, but he said Walters took a fighting stance and shortly thereafter swung at him, striking Abdulahad in the face. When the confrontation was over, the report said Walters fell asleep before he was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for his injuries.

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