Meet Douglas Favors II, Mayor Candidate, Stonecrest

I am just going to be honest; I am the best man for the job. In my time living in the most beautiful city of Stonecrest I have found and experienced a dormant giant. This city has untapped and built up potential to become the greatest city east of Atlanta. If you know anything about Atlanta then you know that my vision is quite grand. I can bring the city of Stonecrest the community and neighborhood feel while continuing economic and cultural progression. I will be the mayor that works with people and listens to real problems. I don’t want money or power I just want the job! My moral compass is intact and my integrity is molded from granite. I am the candidate that represents the foundation in which Stonecrest should be built upon; let’s start off right.

My qualifications include a bachelors degree in business with a emphasis in marketing and a masters in leadership. I have achieved a spot in local news for my academics or business acumen about every five to seven years. Not because of popularity but because I have always taken pride in anything I do. Training others in addition to teaching I genuinely enjoy seeing others achieve their goals. My parents moved the family a lot in my childhood and changed my future forever. The constant change created a fondness and overall appreciation of community and consistency. Getting to know your city as home and having stability is paramount. With me as mayor I plan to practice my love for this city and growing understanding of community in all decision making.

The many ideas and goals I have for the city of Stonecrest are going to take time but they will all need approval and consideration by the community. I have no promises that I can give except that I know I will do my best at all times, I will consult the city, and I will listen to my heart. I am not a politician, I am not business as usual, and I am not trying to build a resume. I want to lead this city to greatness and I am confident that I will do exactly that. Some of my ideas do include creating a “Clean Stonecrest” group focused on the beautification of the city. Creating a place that all registered voters can stay current and have direct access to all decision making in the city. Also, to create a Stonecrest marketing committee to advertise and promote the attractiveness of Stonecrest around Georgia. These are just a few key opportunities I want to take advantage of immediately if I’m elected to office. Given our grassroots nature establishing our own police force, municipal center, and improving schools will develop over time. Just give me a chance to give us a chance. “Vote for the beard 2017!” Thank You.