Bernie Wins Nevada in a Landslide

Despite the opposition of the Culinary Workers Union, Bernie Sanders did pretty well with workers along the strip. Apparently they know a generous universal health care plan when they see one.Kevin Drum

Only about 5 percent of the votes have been counted so far, but everyone has called the Nevada race for Bernie Sanders, who appears to have won nearly half the delegates.  Joe Biden came in a distant second with a little less than 20 percent and Pete Buttigieg came in third at around 15 percent.
This is obviously not good news for Elizabeth Warren or Amy Klobuchar, neither of whom did well. But Biden, at least, may have stanched his bleeding just in time for the South Carolina primary next weekend. Then it’s on to Super Tuesday, where Mike Bloomberg will finally enter the race. It’s gonna be exciting!
UPDATE: According to an ABC News entrance poll, Sanders did well among Hispanics and independents. He won only a quarter of whites and blacks and only 30 percent of Democrats—though that was more than anyone else. I wonder if his relative weakness among Democrats will hurt him going forward?