Ben Carson Won’t Admit President Obama Is A “Real Black President” Either

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson appeared in an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN and expressed his support for Rupert Murdoch regarding his tweets about the blackness of Carson in comparison to President Obama.

The tweet received public backlash, although Murdoch stated he meant no harm or malice towards the president. He said that his comment was in response to an article in New York Magazine, which listed the different ways President Obama has not succeeded in aiding communities of color.

After sending out the first tweet, Murdoch immediately said, “Apologies! No offense meant. Personally find both men charming.”

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer told Carson he thought Murdoch’s comments were “ugly” and “shocking.” Carson, however, did not agree and instead defended Murdoch.

He also said the influential Australian entrepreneur is “not a racist by any stretch of the imagination.”

Carson went on to say that to him, Murdoch’s comments were much “ado about nothing.”

According to ThinkProgress via CNN, Carson said:

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. I believe what he was making reference to was the fact that here was a man who was a Black president that the Black community was very excited about who came in and whose policies have not really elevated the black community. He has not been beneficial. There’s more unemployment, more poverty, and I believe that’s what he was really referring to.”

Somebody’s got nerve. What do you think about Carson’s comments? Sound off below…

SOURCES: ThinkProgress, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty | VIDEO SOURCE: Youtube


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