“4 Questions Journalist Spotlight” with Maynard Eaton

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The Spotlight Shines on Maynard Eaton!
Maynard Eaton is a seasoned and savvy 8-time EMMY Award winning journalist who has been writing and reporting — in broadcast, print and online platforms – since he arrived in Atlanta from Miami’s WPLG-TV to work for WXIA-TV.
After some 12 years there covering Atlanta City Hall, city and state politics, the Missing & Murdered Children’s crises, the Civil Rights Movement, and the arts – he moved on to become the Southern Bureau Chief for BET News, editor of World African Network, editor of the Atlanta Tribune, and reporter/columnist for The Atlanta Voice.
Currently, he’s the host and managing editor of NEWSMAKERS Live/Journal; host and editor of SCLC-TV/SCLC NATIONAL MAGAZINE, journalism professor at Clark Atlanta University and host/editor of The Maynard Report. He launched The Maynard Report less than two years ago, in concert with his partner Okeeba Jubalo and his NobelSol Art Group, as a journalistic vehicle for his voice and his vision as a story-teller. They feature and focus on Atlanta political and personality profiles, political issues, civil/human rights concerns with stories about music and the arts by his wife, Robin Ligon-Eaton.
What kind of story makes you proud to be a journalist?
I covet stories that make a difference — stories that are compelling and captivating — stories that are robust, riveting and revealing!
What is new and different about what you’re doing?
In this era of so-called “fake news,” I have a platform to teach aspiring young journalism students about essence and ethic and integrity of our craft. That’s new, but it’s also equally rewarding that I am learning from and listening to their young voices and insights. That’s why The Maynard Report is so vital to who I am and what I do today.
I have a media outlet where young journalists can write and report their stories in a proper professional manner. That’s exciting to teach and watch these young talented journalists grow in grace.
What is the best and worst thing about your job?
The best thing is being able to write and report the stories I want to tell. The worst part is not being compensated properly for my experience and expertise at times.
What’s the coolest thing people should know about you?
I’ve always found it fascinating, that quite by accident, my first apartment in Atlanta just happened to be right next door to Mayor Maynard Jackson! That’s right. The “Maynard and Maynard Corner” was once on the 15th floor of what was then the Peachtree North High Rise. I loved having his security guards in the hallway.
Visitors would come by and ask for Maynard, and the security would reply, “which one?”
I loved it. Mayor Jackson did not. But he would bang on my door and cuss me out if I’d broadcast a story on 11Alive News that he didn’t like!
About You
Last Book Read: My wife’s book: RHYTHM, RITUAL & RESISTANCE–Africa Is Alive in the Black Indians of New Orleans by Robin Ligon-Williams
Favorite Atlanta Restaurant: Jay’s Kitchen and Bar on Cascade Rd, and Longhorn Steakhouse in East Point
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Vanilla ice cream and pound cake
Local Getaway: I love hanging out and drinking a beer at The Brass Tap in Glenwood and/or The Brake Pad in College Park.
Favorite Non-Work Hobby: Enjoying live jazz music
Twitter: @MaynardEaton
Website: http://themaynardreport.com

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