2 missing Clayton Counry girls found alive

Police say the two missing Clayton Country girls, ages 3 and 11, have been found alive Friday early afternoon. The girls told police that they slept in a doghouse.

#BREAKING This is the dog house the girls told police they slept in. They are at hospital now. Story@5. #fox5atl pic.twitter.com/M3Zxha37Lw

— Aungelique Proctor (@aungeliquefox5) March 17, 2017

Search for missing girls includes officers/deputies, K-9 unit, helicopter. We’re live from the scene in Clayton Co at 6am @FOX5Atlanta pic.twitter.com/IWFrSjHlo5

— Marissa Mitchell (@MarissaMFOX5) March 17, 2017

Adormi Harris, 11, and Imani Turner, 3, disappeared from a home on Sterling Ridge Drive in Riverdale late Thursday night.

.@ClaytonCountyPD at home where mother says 2 girls left between 11pm-midnight @FOX5Atlanta pic.twitter.com/vzKlP5X1n9

— Marissa Mitchell (@MarissaMFOX5) March 17, 2017

According to police, Adormi’s mother put the girls to bed around 11 p.m. Thursday, and then went to bed herself. She woke up around midnight and went to check on her daughter and grand-niece, but the girls were gone.

The mother believes the girls left on their own.

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The mother told investigators after searching the home for the girls, she discovered her purse, two cell phones, car keys and a tablet had been taken.

“The caregiver also discovered that a stop stick which had been put in place to secure the door, had been removed and placed to the side,” police said in a news release.

I’ve counted more than 2 dozen patrol cars as officers, deputies search for missing girls in Clayton Co @FOX5Atlanta pic.twitter.com/6NpvLPBsaE

— Marissa Mitchell (@MarissaMFOX5) March 17, 2017

Police found the girls leaning against a tree in the front yard of a nearby home. They will be returned to their parents once they have been released from the hospital.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to call 911 or the Clayton County Police Department at 770-477-3550.

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