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On the brink of Donald Trumps AmeriKKKa, the bigots keep failing up. And the latest beneficiary of the trend is none other than Megyn Kelly, whose moderating duties during a 2015 GOP Presidential debate Trump infamously surmised to CNN’s Don Lemon with “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.

As her one-time foe prepares to take office, it was announced earlier this month that Kelly take her ‘talents’ from Fox News to NBC. The 46-year-old will bring her signature mixture of Miss Ann-cluenessness and White supremacist rhetoric to two new programs, and will contribute to the network’s political coverage as well.

Don’t believe she’s a dangerously racist demagogue? Here are a few of her greatest hits:

1.Michael Brown

During an exchange with Malik Shabazz, president, Black Lawyers For Justice, she claimed Brown “was unarmed until he tried to steal the cop’s gun.” Watch at 1:41-1:43

2.Unhinged African-Americans are a danger to Whites

Speaking of Shabazz, Kelly and her Fox colleagues routinely featured members of the New Black Panther Party (of which Shabazz was once a member) to suggest that White Americans face some sort of great danger at the hands of unhinged African-American militants.

3. Santa is White

She infamously took issue with the idea that a fictional character could be adapted to fit the needs of children of all races: “For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is White…Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change. Jesus was a White man too.

3.Sandra Bland had “a history of being suicidal”

When discussing Bland‘s death, Kelly was quick to believe reports that the young woman had taken her own life: “What we showed the audience tonight is that this woman has a history of being suicidal. The videotape of the jail cell does not show anybody going into the jail cell during the time she hanged herself,” she said during a segment of Fox News’ The Kelly File. Click here to watch the commentary at 2:53-3:02.

4. No evidence of racism at McKinney, Texas pool assault

A viral video of former McKinney, Texas police officer, corporal Eric Casebolt, manhandling a Black teenage girl generated a vociferous public outcry over excessive force in communities of color. But Kelly questioned whether race was an issue in the officer’s handling of the incident. “What is the evidence it is a race thing as opposed to am excessive force thing? . . . The girl was no saint either. He had told her to leave and she continued to linger.” Click here to watch the commentary at 2:41-2:42, 3:59-4:02.

5. No problem with racist emails sent by Ferguson, Missouri, employees

During a discussion with Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens, Kelly “dismissed the Department of Justice (DOJ) report on Ferguson Police Department’s disproportionate targeting of blacks as a ‘case of bad apples,‘” according to Media Matters. “Despite serious findings of racial bias and stereotyping in the department, Kelly called the report ‘problematic,’ arguing that ‘there are very few companies in America…[where]…you won’t find racist emails.’”

5) Believes “All Lives Matter” canard

When Stephen A. Smith apologized for an his ‘all lives matter’ comment, Kelly weighed in to say that “his spine got up and walked out of his body…”

6. Has no empathy for Trayvon Martin’s family

Wow,” she said in response to the reaction of the teen’s father, Tracy Martin, to George Zimmerman‘s not guilty verdict. “They prosecuted him. Those prosecutors did their level best but they didn’t prove their case. I mean the jury saw it differently.” 

It’s also worth nothing that her show was one of the platforms employed by Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, to perpetuate the notion that the slain teen was a violent thug.

7. Criticized Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s “thugs” apology

Kelly took issue with Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake‘s apology for calling protestors “thugs”:  “You know “misguided young people” is tough for the cops who found themselves being assaulted, one with a shattered kneecap, hundreds who are injured to swallow as they watched them burning people’s houses down.”

8. Calls for justice perpetuate culture of “victimhood”

She once claimed First Lady Michelle Obama and others who call for social justice are perpetuating a culture of ‘victimhood’: “It takes away your power to send the message that you are a victim and you will remain a victim unless the man gets his foot off of your neck.”

9. College Protesters Spoiled

Kelly also suggested that campus protests following unrest across the country were simply the work of spoiled, overly-sensitive youth: “I love that utopia. It does not exist. Good luck getting rid of all of the bigotry. We’re just going to wipe the world…We’d love to, but it’s not reality.” Watch at 9:18 to hear her comments.

10. Cries reverse racism

Finally, how could we forget Kelly’s manipulation of now-Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s quote about the value of Latina judges? Her cries of “reverse racism” left much to be desired.

Did we miss any? Let us know in comments.


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