‘You Should F**k Me’: GOP candidate loses party support over lewd comments

A former contestant on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” recently threw his hat in the ring for a seat in the New Jersey General Assembly, and it isn’t going so well.

Brian McDowell lost GOP support after a video of him went viral in which he was caught hitting on a woman while slurring his words.

“Let me tell you right now. You should f**k me. It would really be good,” McDowell says in the video. “Listen, you never know.”

The video caused Cape May County Republicans to pull their support of his campaign. McDowell has pledged to fight on even without GOP support.

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“There are human errors and even Jesus dropped the cross three times,” McDowell said. “I’m not running to be the pope. I’m running to make New Jersey more affordable.”

While volunteering on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, he said, “A lot of my friends say, you know, ‘How could you actually support Donald Trump after being fired on the Apprentice?’

“I’m all about being involved in a campaign where I feel it matters. And I think that this campaign with Donald Trump matters. I look at Donald Trump and I compare him to Dwight Eisenhower. I compare him to Roosevelt. I compare him to people who built this country.”

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