Women: Getting to the Top Is Tougher for Women. Men: Nah.

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Why do women have a hard time making it to the top in America? Let’s ask them! And while we’re at it, let’s ask men too:
That’s a little small and hard to read. Sorry. You can read the entire survey here.
But small or not, the results are pretty clear, and they’re pretty much the same in politics and business: women believe there are lots of structural issues holding them back: they have to do more to prove themselves, they face more gender discrimination, they get get less support from higher-ups, sexual harassment makes it hard to succeed, etc.
But men? By 20 or 30 points, they believe a lot less in these structural issues. Less support? Sexual harassment? Nah. Not really an issue. There’s a pool of men, maybe a quarter to a third of the total, who just don’t believe in any of this fem-lib nonsense. Women face no more problems than men—hell, maybe less these days, amirite?—and they should stop whining about it. Now, who wants a beer?