Woman thwarts burglary using surveillance system

A woman thwarted a burglary in her home. She was never in any danger because she was not even there at the time. Police said she chased the would-be thief off through her video surveillance system.

Covington police said there was nobody in the home on Bent Pine Court, but the man inside the house was being watched. The woman who lives in the home has a surveillance system which alerted her phone when the motion sensor went off. Police said in real-time she watched as the would-be thief rummaged through her home.

“He was looking at the TV in the living room and under a couch,” said Covington Police Officer Allan Seebaran.

The woman could also talk to the man through the system and told him to “get out! The police are on the way.”

“He clearly heard her because you can see him look at the camera, then leave after she said ‘police were coming'” said Officer Seebaran.

Covington police said the advancement in technology assists law enforcement in investigations.

“We’re able to get good footage and it’s a good testimony as to what is actually happening,” said Officer Seebaran.

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