Woman rushed to the hospital after fire at DeKalb Co. home

A woman is recovering at the hospital after a late night fire ripped through her Decatur-area home. DeKalb County fire officials said the fire happened at around 11:40 Sunday night at the home on Laguna Drive.

“We had heavy fire involvement coming out the big window, you can see here as well as the front door,” said DeKalb County Fire Captain Scott Stroup. “There was heavy fire involvement; blown out about four windows on the back of the structure.”

Firefighters said when they arrived the woman was standing outside the home. Officials said the woman was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with minor burns. “She heard the smoke alarm and was able to exit the structure and call 911,” said Captain Stroup.

Captain Stroup said had the woman not gotten out when she did, the outcome could have been different. The house was left with heavy fire and smoke damage, forcing firefighters to seal it off. “It’s a miracle that no one sustained any injuries, we were able to complete the job, occupant got out,” said Captain Stroup.

There were a number of items scattered around the front yard of the home, as well as items hanging from trees and signs posted on the house. Firefighters said rooms inside the home were crowded with items as well, which could have contributed to the spread of the fire and created a challenge for firefighters trying to contain the blaze.

“It’s a house that we have never been in,” said Captain Stroup. “Over the years people tend to accumulate some items where they live, so yes it is a challenge and due to the advance stage of fire, there was furniture collapsing and things of that nature.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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