“Who Knows Who That Is?” Presidential Candidate Scott Walker Suggests Black Lives Matter Members Aren’t Voters

During an interview with The Daily Mail last Friday, Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker suggested Black Lives Matter members aren’t voters.

When asked if he would meet with members of the largest Black liberation movement in decades, the governor of Wisconsin responded by saying, “I meet with voters.”

“Who knows who that is,” he continued, dismissing a movement full of organizers.

From Think Progress:

When asked to clarify his response, Walker explained that he would “talk to American voters, adding, “It’s the same way as saying we meet with the Tea Party. Who is the Tea Party? There’s hundreds of thousands of people.” He also stated, “I’m here to talk to voters in New Hampshire about things that matter.”

Walker later elaborated, “In Wisconsin, we’re the first and I believe the only state that has a law that requires an independent review anytime there’s an officer-related shooting that leads to a death. And that’s something that I think would certainly help in terms of both protecting those that have concerns about episodes like that as well as law enforcement.”

But despite the bill requiring an independent investigation of police-related deaths, Walker joins the other Republican candidates who have directly or indirectly invalidated the Black Lives Matter movement.

Just last week, GOP candidate Marco Rubio said that while the concerns of the movement are “legitimate,” protesters aren’t offering any solutions to fix the problem. And Donald Trump, a candidate known for his controversial and disparaging comments, recently suggested more power should be given to the police as a response to the Black Lives Matter movement. He also threatened to fight Black Lives Matter protesters if they tried to speak at his campaign events.

SOURCE: Think Progress | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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