Where Did Michael Cohen Get $130,000 to Pay Stormy Daniels?

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The FBI raided Michael Cohen’s home and office today, seizing records related to Cohen’s payment of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 campaign. Susan Simpson has a question:

Something I’d love to see a reporter ask Trump Org about:
1) Cohen formed EC LLC on Oct 17 20162) The contract provided for EC LLC to pay Stormy $130K by Oct 27 20163) Between Oct 17 & Oct 25, the Trump campaign made payments to Trump Org properties that add up to $129,999.72. pic.twitter.com/CMAxgl3Vn4
— Susan Simpson (@TheViewFromLL2) March 8, 2018

Update: On Oct. 26th – 1 day after the Trump campaign completed a series of disbursements to Trump Org hotels that totaled $130K – the bank emailed Cohen at his https://t.co/cCbScNgkaG account to confirm the $130K for Stormy’s settlement had been deposited.
Helluva coincidence. pic.twitter.com/1lLYXAUmPF
— Susan Simpson (@TheViewFromLL2) March 9, 2018

My guess is that this probably really is a coincidence. But then again, maybe not. It seems worth investigating.